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Mountain Piecemakers Quilt Guild

A community of quilters in the mountains of North Carolina

2018 Quilt Show Gallery

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35 photo(s) Updated on: 11/28/2023
  • Large Quilt: Mountain Piecemakers Christmas Quilt by Judy Adamson, quilted by Sherry Bohres (from member-made Christmas blocks won in 2017)
  • Large Quilt: Mountain Piecemakers President’s Quilt presented to Linda Hensley, quilted by Sherry Bohres (member-made blocks assembled by Judy Lane)
  • Large Quilt: Wheel of Fortune by Eva Jobin, quilted by Angie Lamoree (Augusta Cole pattern Wheel of Fortune)
  • Large Quilt: Mountain Rose by Cathy Bullman Stines, quilted by Valerie Wagoner (Judy Niemeyer pattern Vintage Rose)
  • Large Quilt: Ribbon Star by Kathy Rowell, quilted by Sherry Borhes (Missouri Star Quilt Co. pattern Ribbon Star)
  • Large Quilt: Black-Eyed Dresden Sue by Gil Rowe, quilted by Roberta Duval
  • Large Quilt: Swingin’ on a Star on Blue by Gil Rowe, quilted by Sherry Bohres
  • Large Quilt: Rail Fence Tie Quilt by Gil Rowe, quilted by Nancy’s Quilt Shop Winter Garden , FL
  • Large Quilt: Road Back Home by Pat Sharkey (Krystal Jakelwicz pattern Road to Oklahoma)
  • Large Quilt: River Rock Variation by Barbara Pate, quilted by Shirley Twiddy (Sarah Maxwell pattern River Rock)
  • Small Quilt: Fan Dance by Gail Bredehoeft, quilted by Sherry Bohres (Elisa’s Back Porch Design pattern Fan Dance)
  • Small Quilt: Tumbling Charms by Asta Jeffcoat, quilted by Sherry Bohres (Missouri Star Quilt Co. design Tumbling Charms)
  • Small Quilt: Quilting Snow Ladies by Betty Altman, quilted by Sherry Bohres (Chickadee Hollow Designs embroidery designs)
  • Small Quilt: Wildflowers by Kathy Rowell, quilted by Sherry Bohres (Smith Street Designs pattern)
  • Small Quilt: Bearly Married by Melissa Hensley (Sherri Falls pattern Fresh Cut Pines)
  • Small Quilt: Swimming in the Bat Cave by Barbara Boyd (using techniques in Margaret Miller’s book Strips that Sizzle)
  • Small Quilt: by Gwen Kelsey, quilted by Shirley Twiddy (made from holiday blocks won in 2016)
  • Small Quilt: by Gwen Kelsey, quilted by Shirley Twiddy (made from holiday blocks won in 2016)
  • Small Quilt: Kansas Troubles Doubled by Barbara Boyd (classic block pattern, Kansas Troubles, circa 1890)
  • Small Quilt: The Legend of Charlie Anderson Rowe by Gil Rowe
  • Small Quilt: I Love My Doxies!! by Ruth Hite, quilted by Shirley Twiddy (Elizabeth Hartman pattern Dogs in Sweaters)
  • Small Quilt: Wild Flowers by Gil Rowe, quilted by Sherry Bohres
  • Small Quilt: Happy Birthday Sharon by Carolyn Dotts (Elaine Waldschmitt pattern Any Occasion)
  • Small Quilt: Attention, Salute, Pledge! by Carolyn Dotts, quilted by Sherry Bohres (Amy Smart pattern Flag Quilt)
  • Wall Quilt: Bird Buffet by Gail Bredehoeft (England Design Studios pattern For the Birds)
  • Wall Quilt: Poppy by Asta Jeffcoat, quilted by Sherry Bohres
  • Wall Quilt: Fractured Flowers by Cathy Bullman Stines
  • Wall Quilt: Evening Star over Buckwood (Nancy Mahoney pattern Feathered Star)
  • Wall Quilt: Bearly Loved by Maxine Arrowood (using Soma Acharya pattern Bear Cub)
  • Wall Quilt: Morning Star by Linda Hensley, quilted by Sherry Bohres (Nancy Mahoney pattern Feathered Star Wall Hanging)
  • Wall Quilt: Dresden Flowers by Barbara Boyd (Barbara Brandeburg pattern Dresden Posies)
  • Wall Quilt: Walled Garden at Buckwood by Maxine Arrowood (American Patchwork and Quilting Magazine pattern Walled Garden)
  • Wall Quilt: Deerly Loved by Maxine Arrowood (center from Fons and Porter magazine)
  • Wall Quilt: Balloons at Sunset by Myrna Stephens (Carol Ingram, Sulky of America, Balloons at Sunset pattern)
  • Wall Quilt: The Land Down Under, My Favorite Destination by Gail Bredehoeft

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